Is it just us, or is anyone else wondering how we are suddenly in May? The last time we checked we’d broken up from work for a long break at Christmas and now summer is approaching…fast!

Don’t get us wrong, we love summer, it’s our fave season of the year. It’s just along with summer, comes the need for us to have that bikini body…something which currently requires a little work.

What once used to be dark, stay in, warm up by the fire evenings, suddenly became light, spend more time outside, summer nights?

So it seems summer is upon us…and in the spirit of summer comes BBQ’s, festivals and of course holidays.

What we love most about holiday’s is that when it comes to swimwear, literally anything goes! Whether it be sleek black, keep it simple swimsuits, bold and brave stand out bodies or chilled out pastels. You just simply can’t go wrong.

Lately we’re loving the 90’s, and the vintage swimsuits which are suddenly bouncing back from the era of girl power, are what we wouldn’t be without on our summer holidays.

So much so, that we ordered a bunch of them for you guys to grab from our Asos Marketplace and Depop store.

Here’s a few of our top picks from the ‘Trailer Trashed’ collection. To view the full collection go to AsosMarketplace/asifvintage or search asifvintage on the Depop app.

blog 1blog 2blogsarah pink

Shell it out

This years must have item…well there are going to be a few things that you won’t be able to live without this year. BUT the shellsuit is going to be one of the top ones on your MUST HAVE list this summer.

Go check out our ‘SHELL IT OUT‘ blog post – and see what all the fuss is about.

Pom Pom Queen

Vintage jumpers are pretty amazing at standard, what’s better than knowing you have a vintage one off piece that everyone loves. Even more so a vintage piece that not many people will have. It simply makes your outfit unique.

We’ve all bought something we loved from the highstreet only to go off it weeks later when every other person on Instagram seems to have also bought it and posted it on their page.

The one thing more unique than a vintage piece is a reworked vintage piece.

Okay so wearing your fave vintage jumper knowing hardly anyone else will have it gives you that stand out from the crowd sort of vibe. But wearing that reworked vintage piece makes everyone turn heads when you walk down the street. It makes those tiredly scrolling through Instagram pause, scroll back a few pics, actually click and hit the like button on yours.

It leaves them wondering where the hell you got such a unique item. Not only all of the above but the best news is that vintage never goes out of fashion. You pretty much have a time capsule item in your wardrobe.

Our fave way of reworking vintage sweaters at the minute is to cover them in pom poms. Yes! You read that right… Pom Poms. We make them from scratch – believe it or not they’re quite easy to make. Apart from getting bits of wool everywhere it’s quite relaxing making them.

You can literally make them in whatever colour you like and then add them to all kinds of clothing.

Here are some of the jumpers we’ve made – they can also be found on our depop store, Go check them out – and if you just don’t have the time to make your own, buy one of ours. The only thing more fulfilling than spending ages making that amazing one off piece is knowing someone else has put the time and effort into making it for you.

Depop – asifvintage

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We Heart Levi’s

We love a good pair of Levi’s, in fact we’ve always loved Levi’s. They literally scream the 90’s which is an era that pretty much everyone can’t seem to get enough of.

When the stone washed, high waisted mom jeans first came back into fashion they were hard to track down. Now it’s for sure that you will be able to find a decent pair in any good vintage store.

These days the most challenging thing is finding a pair that fits you, it took my ages to find a pair that fitted right. But maybe that’s just a Levi thing.

At the minute the fashion world can’t seem to get enough of block patterns, pin badges or anything that is remotely shiny. And seen as everyone is lovin’ Levi’s this seemed to make a pretty good combination.

We love giving old vintage clothes a new lease of life by reworking them so we thought we’d give it a shot with an old pair of Levi’s.

We set out on a mission to hunt down some of the shiniest fabric we could find, loads of sequin hearts and some iron on patches and started sewing. We also thought we’d have a go at hand painting some old Levi’s too to give them a more unique retro sort of look.

So okay it took up most of our weekends, and no matter what anyone tells you there is no easy way to stick down an iron on patch because ironing it on simply doesn’t work. Trust us, we tried this many times only for the patches to keep falling off. Glue didn’t seem to work either, in the end we had to hand sew every single patch on.

The hand painting was much more enjoyable but you use a lot more paint than you’d think. Fabric paint isn’t cheap so we had to come up with a solution to make the paint last longer.

A few needle cuts and stained carpets later we were finished. We can’t get enough of our latest hand customised items. Have a look and let us know what you think.

jean 11

A little bit of hand painting goes a long way!

jean as if


jean 10

jean 9

Human Disco-ball! 

jean 7jean 6jean 8

Pooh’s back…and he’s for grown ups!

Here’s to every girl that grew up in the 90’s, reading Winnie the Pooh books before bed or sketching Pooh and friends with their new Crayola art set. We have news for you…Winnie the Pooh is back. Not only that but  he is trendier than ever…so trendy that even those of us aged 13+ can get away with wearing him.

It’s no secret that we are addicted to visiting vintage fair after vintage fair to see what memories of the 90’s we can find. This time we struck gold! When we found the Eeyore backpack and Winnie the Pooh dungarees all of our childhood memories came rushing back.

When we were younger Winnie the Pooh was always our book of choice – I still have the books tucked away in my loft. But until now it seemed that Winnie the Pooh was and always would be for kids…until vintage fashion struck again.

When we found the Eeyore backpack we just had to have it – it was so cute and screamed the 90s! The Winnie the Pooh dungarees look so good on, they’re easy to wear and pull off the retro look without even trying.

Getting photos of these items was so much fun, when everyone thinks of Winnie the Pooh they think cute and girly. We wanted to keep the look of cuteness but we wanted to clothes to have that retro, slightly grungy effect too.

That’s the great think about vintage clothing when things come back around in fashion it gives you the opportunity to reinvent them!

The thing we love about vintage and retro clothing is that you never know what is going to come around next! You never know maybe the Teletubbies will be making a comeback in the near future…

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Bucket List Number One: Run the Yorkshire Half Marathon – Tick

Back in January we put together our 2016 Bucket List and we can proudly say that we have ticked number one of five off our list. We used to start the New Year with resolutions like not to eat as much chocolate or to go to the gym more but this year we wanted to set ourselves things that we could aim to achieve.

Bucket list number one was for us to run the Yorkshire Half Marathon, which I can proudly say we did in a time that we never set out to aim for. We ran the 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 11 minutes. Honestly finishing the course without stopping was one of the best feelings we’ve ever had. We’ve been training since the New Year for the Half Marathon and spent the last three weeks thinking what the hell have we got ourselves into.

The week before the run we thought it’d be a good idea to drive the route…we sat in silence the entire drive biting our nails, close to tears thinking how the hell are we meant to do this without stopping. The Yorkshire Half Marathon goes over one of the seven hills of Sheffield and through the Peak District. Don’t get us wrong the views are amazing, the hills not so great especially when you know you have to run them.

When we chose to run the Half Marathon we decided we were going to raise money for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary. We managed to raise £1000 for the charity, so the pressure was on to complete it.

The day before the run we filled up on carbs (something we more than enjoyed) and then we decided that running is better when you have new clothes, matching of course. So we bought matching Adidas t-shirts from JD Sports to help get us motivated for the run.

The morning of the run came, along with the nerves and worries of needing the toilet along the way. When we got into the city the atmosphere was amazing, there were thousand’s people and bands playing in the streets. Here we go.

The run itself was tough, but amazing. It really made us feel proud to be British, and do what British people do. The public lined the streets and cheered all of the runners on, without them I don’t know if we could have done it. Little kids were giving out sugary sweets and ice lollies to keep everyone going. We were too tired to grab any but next time we’ll be sure to take a bag so we don’t miss out!

Who would have thought that the last two miles going downhill and on the flat would be the hardest of the Half Marathon? The hill was fine, we paced ourselves and made up our time on the downhill stretch.

Anyone who has considered doing a half marathon but never quite got to signing up for one, we’d definitely recommend you do it. To run 13.1 miles is a huge achievement and the memories of the day will stay with you forever. It was only a few years ago that we’d run from one lamppost to the other and stop because we were tired…it just shows that with a bit of training and determination anything is possible.

Anyone wanting to sign up for the Yorkshire Half Marathon 2017 can do so here.

Now let’s get ready for bucket list number two…one down, only four more to go. Well for this year anyway!


Sporty Spice We Salute You And Your Wardrobe

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will remember the Spice Girls, anyone born in the 00’s will know of the Spice Girls, even your Nan will know about the Spice Girls. Basically everyone will remember the Spice Girls.

Anyone that grew up in the actual 90’s will remember dressing up as the Spice Girls, fighting with their friends over which Spice Girl they were going to be. Even though we grew up separately we both remember the days where we got to dress up as Sporty Spice. Practising those air kicks in our back garden, rocking a pair of Adidas poppers and a bright Kappa jacket.

We still look back at the Spice Girls music videos and think OMG their outfits really were amazing, if only we could get our hands on their wardrobe from back in the day. The one whose outfits stand out most to us are Sporty Spice, her clothes were so simple yet uber cool. Total 90’s grunge.

Back in the 90’s and our love and admiration of the Spice Girls, I don’t think we really appreciated just how cool they were, until now. Yes we loved them, but it’s now when we look at their outfits and the way they scream 90’s. Their wardrobe literally sums up the 90’s – this bright, stand out, slightly pick-and-mix era that was all about having fun. That 90’s carefree, give a little attitude and take no crap era. Love!

To show our appreciation for the Spice Girls we put together a few outfits of our 90’s fave…Sporty Spice.

We still can’t get the air kick right but here are some of those Sporty Spice inspired retro finds that take us back to that era that everyone wishes they could have been a part of.

sporty spice 2IMG_3480IMG_3487IMG_3490IMG_3479IMG_3484IMG_3492IMG_3483IMG_3482IMG_3491spice girls 1Sporty-Spice