Sporty Spice We Salute You And Your Wardrobe

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will remember the Spice Girls, anyone born in the 00’s will know of the Spice Girls, even your Nan will know about the Spice Girls. Basically everyone will remember the Spice Girls.

Anyone that grew up in the actual 90’s will remember dressing up as the Spice Girls, fighting with their friends over which Spice Girl they were going to be. Even though we grew up separately we both remember the days where we got to dress up as Sporty Spice. Practising those air kicks in our back garden, rocking a pair of Adidas poppers and a bright Kappa jacket.

We still look back at the Spice Girls music videos and think OMG their outfits really were amazing, if only we could get our hands on their wardrobe from back in the day. The one whose outfits stand out most to us are Sporty Spice, her clothes were so simple yet uber cool. Total 90’s grunge.

Back in the 90’s and our love and admiration of the Spice Girls, I don’t think we really appreciated just how cool they were, until now. Yes we loved them, but it’s now when we look at their outfits and the way they scream 90’s. Their wardrobe literally sums up the 90’s – this bright, stand out, slightly pick-and-mix era that was all about having fun. That 90’s carefree, give a little attitude and take no crap era. Love!

To show our appreciation for the Spice Girls we put together a few outfits of our 90’s fave…Sporty Spice.

We still can’t get the air kick right but here are some of those Sporty Spice inspired retro finds that take us back to that era that everyone wishes they could have been a part of.

sporty spice 2IMG_3480IMG_3487IMG_3490IMG_3479IMG_3484IMG_3492IMG_3483IMG_3482IMG_3491spice girls 1Sporty-Spice


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