Bucket List Number One: Run the Yorkshire Half Marathon – Tick

Back in January we put together our 2016 Bucket List and we can proudly say that we have ticked number one of five off our list. We used to start the New Year with resolutions like not to eat as much chocolate or to go to the gym more but this year we wanted to set ourselves things that we could aim to achieve.

Bucket list number one was for us to run the Yorkshire Half Marathon, which I can proudly say we did in a time that we never set out to aim for. We ran the 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 11 minutes. Honestly finishing the course without stopping was one of the best feelings we’ve ever had. We’ve been training since the New Year for the Half Marathon and spent the last three weeks thinking what the hell have we got ourselves into.

The week before the run we thought it’d be a good idea to drive the route…we sat in silence the entire drive biting our nails, close to tears thinking how the hell are we meant to do this without stopping. The Yorkshire Half Marathon goes over one of the seven hills of Sheffield and through the Peak District. Don’t get us wrong the views are amazing, the hills not so great especially when you know you have to run them.

When we chose to run the Half Marathon we decided we were going to raise money for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary. We managed to raise £1000 for the charity, so the pressure was on to complete it.

The day before the run we filled up on carbs (something we more than enjoyed) and then we decided that running is better when you have new clothes, matching of course. So we bought matching Adidas t-shirts from JD Sports to help get us motivated for the run.

The morning of the run came, along with the nerves and worries of needing the toilet along the way. When we got into the city the atmosphere was amazing, there were thousand’s people and bands playing in the streets. Here we go.

The run itself was tough, but amazing. It really made us feel proud to be British, and do what British people do. The public lined the streets and cheered all of the runners on, without them I don’t know if we could have done it. Little kids were giving out sugary sweets and ice lollies to keep everyone going. We were too tired to grab any but next time we’ll be sure to take a bag so we don’t miss out!

Who would have thought that the last two miles going downhill and on the flat would be the hardest of the Half Marathon? The hill was fine, we paced ourselves and made up our time on the downhill stretch.

Anyone who has considered doing a half marathon but never quite got to signing up for one, we’d definitely recommend you do it. To run 13.1 miles is a huge achievement and the memories of the day will stay with you forever. It was only a few years ago that we’d run from one lamppost to the other and stop because we were tired…it just shows that with a bit of training and determination anything is possible.

Anyone wanting to sign up for the Yorkshire Half Marathon 2017 can do so here.

Now let’s get ready for bucket list number two…one down, only four more to go. Well for this year anyway!



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