Pooh’s back…and he’s for grown ups!

Here’s to every girl that grew up in the 90’s, reading Winnie the Pooh books before bed or sketching Pooh and friends with their new Crayola art set. We have news for you…Winnie the Pooh is back. Not only that but  he is trendier than ever…so trendy that even those of us aged 13+ can get away with wearing him.

It’s no secret that we are addicted to visiting vintage fair after vintage fair to see what memories of the 90’s we can find. This time we struck gold! When we found the Eeyore backpack and Winnie the Pooh dungarees all of our childhood memories came rushing back.

When we were younger Winnie the Pooh was always our book of choice – I still have the books tucked away in my loft. But until now it seemed that Winnie the Pooh was and always would be for kids…until vintage fashion struck again.

When we found the Eeyore backpack we just had to have it – it was so cute and screamed the 90s! The Winnie the Pooh dungarees look so good on, they’re easy to wear and pull off the retro look without even trying.

Getting photos of these items was so much fun, when everyone thinks of Winnie the Pooh they think cute and girly. We wanted to keep the look of cuteness but we wanted to clothes to have that retro, slightly grungy effect too.

That’s the great think about vintage clothing when things come back around in fashion it gives you the opportunity to reinvent them!

The thing we love about vintage and retro clothing is that you never know what is going to come around next! You never know maybe the Teletubbies will be making a comeback in the near future…

pooh 4pooh 6pooh 1pooh 8


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