Pom Pom Queen

Vintage jumpers are pretty amazing at standard, what’s better than knowing you have a vintage one off piece that everyone loves. Even more so a vintage piece that not many people will have. It simply makes your outfit unique.

We’ve all bought something we loved from the highstreet only to go off it weeks later when every other person on Instagram seems to have also bought it and posted it on their page.

The one thing more unique than a vintage piece is a reworked vintage piece.

Okay so wearing your fave vintage jumper knowing hardly anyone else will have it gives you that stand out from the crowd sort of vibe. But wearing that reworked vintage piece makes everyone turn heads when you walk down the street. It makes those tiredly scrolling through Instagram pause, scroll back a few pics, actually click and hit the like button on yours.

It leaves them wondering where the hell you got such a unique item. Not only all of the above but the best news is that vintage never goes out of fashion. You pretty much have a time capsule item in your wardrobe.

Our fave way of reworking vintage sweaters at the minute is to cover them in pom poms. Yes! You read that right… Pom Poms. We make them from scratch – believe it or not they’re quite easy to make. Apart from getting bits of wool everywhere it’s quite relaxing making them.

You can literally make them in whatever colour you like and then add them to all kinds of clothing.

Here are some of the jumpers we’ve made – they can also be found on our depop store, Go check them out – and if you just don’t have the time to make your own, buy one of ours. The only thing more fulfilling than spending ages making that amazing one off piece is knowing someone else has put the time and effort into making it for you.

Depop – asifvintage

pompom5pompom9pom pom 1pompom6pompom3pompom7pompom11



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