Is it just us, or is anyone else wondering how we are suddenly in May? The last time we checked we’d broken up from work for a long break at Christmas and now summer is approaching…fast!

Don’t get us wrong, we love summer, it’s our fave season of the year. It’s just along with summer, comes the need for us to have that bikini body…something which currently requires a little work.

What once used to be dark, stay in, warm up by the fire evenings, suddenly became light, spend more time outside, summer nights?

So it seems summer is upon us…and in the spirit of summer comes BBQ’s, festivals and of course holidays.

What we love most about holiday’s is that when it comes to swimwear, literally anything goes! Whether it be sleek black, keep it simple swimsuits, bold and brave stand out bodies or chilled out pastels. You just simply can’t go wrong.

Lately we’re loving the 90’s, and the vintage swimsuits which are suddenly bouncing back from the era of girl power, are what we wouldn’t be without on our summer holidays.

So much so, that we ordered a bunch of them for you guys to grab from our Asos Marketplace and Depop store.

Here’s a few of our top picks from the ‘Trailer Trashed’ collection. To view the full collection go to AsosMarketplace/asifvintage or search asifvintage on the Depop app.

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