Save furry faces

Have you ever seen something that touched your heart so much that you wanted to do something about it? Or just not understood how anyone could be so cruel and wanted to do whatever you can to make it better.

We’re massive animal lovers and anything like that breaks out hearts. We have a huge respect for charities like the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Cats Protection and the Animal Blue Cross. We wanted to help raise money for a local animal charity so on 10th April we’re running the Sheffield Half Marathon to help raise money for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary is an amazing charity that helps care for and rehome animals of all sizes, big and small. They help cats, dogs, rabbit, horses, and loads more. They’re quite local to us, and are a small organisation that literally relies on donations through fund raising to keep going.

Yesterday we went along to Thornberry to meet some of the animals that are currently being cared for there. Here are some on the little faces that we met…and fell in love with!


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