January the month of doom

Wow! What a start to 2016…everyone’s favourite month, the joys of January. Those of you lucky enough to have time off work during the Christmas period will know exactly what we mean. We can’t think of anything more depressing than slowly counting down the last few days of your Christmas break, knowing that you have a whole year of work to look forward to…again.

But that day came, the night where you checked (at least 5 times) that you’d set your alarm to ensure you wouldn’t sleep in. That cold morning where you dragged yourself out of bed and wondered if had always been this dark in the morning. That first week back at work that you literally wished away. And just like that it was as though Christmas never happened.

Like everyone does we made a list of things we want to achieve in 2016. We needed something to look forward to because an whole year of work with a few bank holiday weekends just didn’t cut it.

2016 is our year, and to make sure we make the most out of it we put together our bucket list! Hopefully this will kick our butts into gear and motivate us to do the things we’ve always want to do.

Meet out Bucket List 2016…