PJ’s or Two-Piece

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to wear comfy clothes. I mean we all love a good pair of skinny jeans, they literally go with anything but are they comfy? We think not, actually we want nothing more than to wear an outfit equally as comfy as our PJ’s all day.

This is where the vintage style two-piece sets come in. Rule number one of wearing a two piece set – don’t take offence if someone mistakes your outfit for PJ’s. This is actually a common occurrence, especially if you’re wondering off into the woods to take pictures of your clothes. When making this blog we were asked on several occasions if we had been to a sleepover in the woods. Our simple answer was ‘yes’, which was much easier than explaining what we were actually doing here.

The important thing is that when wearing outfits like these we will no longer be rushing home to change into the comfort of our PJ’s. If we feel like napping on the sofa – who cares we can do it without getting changed.

When we ask PJ’s over Two-Piece we don’t think anything will ever be comfier than our PJ’s – but this sure comes close. We still love a pair of skinny jeans but on those days when we want pure comfort we know what outfit we’ll be wearing.

There are so many two-piece sets available at the minute, these are a couple of our faves!



Just another typical Sunday…


Off to the woods with flowers in our hair!


Nothing better than pink balloons!


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