What’s Your Situation This Valentine’s Day?

We can’t help but smile as we write this as the reality of January actually coming to an end is almost here (silent whoooos). February is a month of brighter things- lighter nights, a shorter month so pay day comes quicker, gyms not been over crowded as everyone ditches their NY resolution…oh and Valentine’s Day.

Depending on ‘your situation’ Valentine’s Day is either the event of the month, just another day that you don’t really give a shit about or OMG the most depressing day of the year where everyone pretty much rubs in your face how happy and loved up they are and…well how single and alone you are.

Enough! We think it’s about time we celebrated ‘our situation’ on Valentine’s Day. Whether that be your mum posting some chocolates and a card from your cat, your boyfriend celebrating you with gifts or you celebrating yourself with gifts…lots and lots of gifts!

Whatever you’re planning on doing this Valentine’s Day do it in style, I know we will be. Whether it be a date with your long term other half, a night out with the girls or even a night in overdosing on Ben & Jerrys in your pjs.

Here’s what we’ll be wearing this Valentine’s Day…depending on our situation of course.

Situation 1: Night in with ketchup and fries 🙂


Top £7.99 H&M/Bottoms £12.99 Zara/Dungarees Topshop 


Situation No 2: The First Date

VALENTINESsenorio 2b

VALENTINESsenorio 3b

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Top and skirt both H&MVALENTINESsenorio 2a

Situation No 3: Date with long-term Boyfriend ❤

VALENTINESsenorio 3a

Top and skirt both Zara/Shoes AsosVALENTINESsenorio 3cVALENTINESsenorio 3d

Situation No 4: Girls night! 

val sit 4

Dress H&M £13.99/Shoes Buffalo boots £132.99

valsit4 2Vsit4 1