PJ’s or Two-Piece

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to wear comfy clothes. I mean we all love a good pair of skinny jeans, they literally go with anything but are they comfy? We think not, actually we want nothing more than to wear an outfit equally as comfy as our PJ’s all day.

This is where the vintage style two-piece sets come in. Rule number one of wearing a two piece set – don’t take offence if someone mistakes your outfit for PJ’s. This is actually a common occurrence, especially if you’re wondering off into the woods to take pictures of your clothes. When making this blog we were asked on several occasions if we had been to a sleepover in the woods. Our simple answer was ‘yes’, which was much easier than explaining what we were actually doing here.

There are so many two-piece sets available at the minute, these are a couple of our faves!


Wedding Season Rule Number One: Don’t Over Think Things

We came to the conclusion that wedding outfits are often way too over thought. When you think of a spring wedding you think of a floral dress with court shoes…well stop that right now. We think it’s about time you mixed things up. There are so many options out there – have you ever thought that a jumpsuit would look great of a simple skirt and top?

We’ve spent hours (possibly days) scanning the high street and online stores for the cutest wedding outfits we could find. If you want to go floral it doesn’t have to be the print on your dress, floral hair pieces are all in at the moment. There are some pretty amazing ones – our fave is from Rouge Pony available on Asos.

For more wedding outfit ideas check out the full page here!


debs wedding 11


Annie wedding 1

Pink, on pink, on pink!

annie and fish2

It’s all about the shoes…


Flowers everywhere!

annie and debs 1

Always manage to coordinate our outfits 😉

annie and fish joint asos dress

Balloons over Flowers!

debs asos 2

I will be the person that rocks a pair of sneakers at a wedding!


All about the extra details!

annie and fish edit6

Dr Martens vs Metallic sneakers?!


Save Furry Faces!

We wanted to help raise money for a local animal charity so on 10th April we’re running the Sheffield Half Marathon to help raise money for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary is an amazing charity that helps care for and rehome animals of all sizes, big and small. They help cats, dogs, rabbit, horses, and loads more. They’re quite local to us, and are a small organisation that literally relies on donations through fund raising to keep going.

If you’d like to sponsor us click here!

To read more on this blog click here:

Save Furry Faces





90s vibes 

We’re loving the fact that 90s sweats are becoming cool again. We were brought up in the 90s so over the top platform shoes and oversized sweaters are our calling. 
Brands like Reebok, Ellesse and Fila are becoming the most sought after styles on the high street. Anyone who has so much as stepped into stores such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters lately will know what we mean. 

The thing we love most about running our own vintage boutique is that we get first pick of the retro items that come in. 

Here’s some of our fave picks from our latest stock drop! All of these items will be coming soon to our depop page. 


Valentines Situation No 4: G1RL$ N1GHT!

Valentines Day..who cares?! We vote dress up, have a few drinks and go out and have a bloody good time…with your friends of course.

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a girls night out but finding yourself being constantly interrupted by boys. To be certain that they get the message this weekend throw on that statement dress and party the night away…wearing anything but red of course.

If Girls Night is going to be our situation this Valentines Day here’s what we’ll be wearing!

Not your situation this Valentines Day...click here to find out what could be.

val sit 4

Dress £13.99 H&M/Buffalo Boots £132.99 

valsit4 2Vsit4 1