Shell it out

Who would have thought that the day would come when the 90’s shellsuit came flooding back into our lives.

Those who actually lived as teens in the 90’s once hoped that those days were long gone, Polaroid photos stored securely under their beds, hidden away for no one to see.

They had to look twice, blink, rub their eyes, and take a long look again when they saw the jackets slowly appearing on the bodies of today.

Shellsuits are back, a reminder of ones youth and a statement for the youth of today.

The one thing I bet we’ve all asked our parents lately is, why the hell did you throw yours away?!

Now we can’t imagine our outfits without them, festivals just wouldn’t be the same without that crazy, slightly flammable, stand out jacket.

The great thing about this historical come back is that they were so huge in the 90’s, which means the variety to choose from is endless.

The variations are crazy with branded makes such as Adidas, Nike, Umbro and Sergio Tacchini to name a few. They come in every colour imaginable, whether you’re a subtle pink kind of girl or want stand out from the crowd neon prints, or even feel like toning it down with a darker print.

It’s not only festivals they’re great for, we wear ours to the gym, they instantly make you feel that little bit sportier, helping encourage the most dreaded training sessions.

With spring on its way and summer holidays on the horizon these jackets have a busy few months ahead of them.

Want to get your hands on some of these one off pieces? Head to our Asos Marketplace and Depop online boutique, search asifvintage.

Here are some of the top picks out of the shellsuits we’ve managed to hunt down.