It’s all about the comfort

Have you ever wished that you could wear your pjs everywhere? We have! In fact our pjs are some of our favourite clothes. It’s not just the bold, bright, kitten covered prints that we love – it’s the pure comfort of them too.

We’ve spotted the odd person nipping into Asda without a care in the world styling their bold love heart print pjs. We’ve also seen the crazed ‘should you be alone in public’ looks they get. So we thought we’d give this a miss and better stick to our normal ‘daytime’ clothes.

What if we told you that Zara now have the solution to all of our problems? Their spring 2016 stock is the must have item we’ve all been waiting for. Meet the two piece jersey set – for now it comes in two colours, grey and black. I’m sure when the world of comfort picks up on this they will be available in a variety of colours.

We chose the grey one, and since we purchased it I can honestly say that we haven’t been out of it. It may actually be comfier than pjs…that’s right girls a day time outfit that looks super slick but feels like your skin is wrapped in the finest cotton.

For years we have moaned about cramming our poor legs into that pair of skinny jeans. No more! From now on our legs (and yours too-if you’re quick enough) get to experience that pj hugged feeling every day. Bye bye skinny jeans…hello you super cute, mega flattering and immensely comfy trouser set.

Now excuse us while we rush back to buy this set in black…before you guys get your hands on them and they all sell out. Happy shopping.


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